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Remember Erin Brockovich, an American law clerk who had dragged Pacific Gas & Electric Company to the court in early nineties for alleged contamination of drinking water in a small Californian town. Her fight for a cause had strengthened the existence of paralegals in the mind of millions across the world, mostly in the US. A profession which may be exciting at times while chasing an interesting legal case with several angles and at times little dampening as it requires a lot of paperwork in attempts made to assist the attorneys, paralegals have now become an integral part of the legal system in the Country. Though they are the best professional friends of the attorneys, paralegals in the US, however, are not allowed to provide any legal advice or support to the seekers of legal help independently. But they are present everywhere, in criminal trial, in real estate, in various government agencies or even in estate planning. And significantly, their presence have been showing a steep inclination during last one decade.

With the growing need of legal assistants to help attorneys handle volumes of cases mainly with financial abnormalities in recent times, paralegals are these days finding their spaces in various law firms, non-profit organizations, private enterprises, legal aid clinics in addition to various government jobs. Bureau of Labor Statistics report reveals that the paralegals are more likely to be hired to cut down on expenses of hiring attorneys all the time and the Bureau adds that the paralegal career is going to witness a steep 18 percent jump during the period 2010-2020.The aspiring paralegals will require laying their hands on subjects like American jurisprudence, torts and personal injury, civil litigation in addition to family law, civil law and criminal law. Paralegals in various schools that now offer programs tailor-made for this profession will also need to learn the art of handling business law and legal matters related to estate and trusts.

Several law schools across the country can help you in shaping up as a paralegal and most of the students can earn associate’s degree or certifications and many can continue taking online continuing legal education even when they lay their hands on the professional desk. Going back to Brockovich, remember that without the help of her as a paralegal (it was Julia Roberts in the movie), the case which still is considered to be the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit, could have been won. So if you feel like being in the shoes of Brockovich and earn a name across the globe by creating an example in the legal fraternity all over the planet, why not start the process to be a paralegal, today itself? You never know when you lay your.

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