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Education is the cornerstone on which the edifice of our future rests. Stronger the education, the firmer the edifice of our future would stand. Also, it is now scientifically proven that the formative years of children are the most important years for emotional, mental and intellectual development of a child as they learn very fast in their early childhood and this is the time when the wiring of the brain, i.e. the formation of basic neural network connections takes place. Thus, significance of early childhood education cannot be underrated. Early childhood education is defined as education received during the first eight years of the child’s life. It is during this phase that the perception of child for various things is developing and is at its peak and during this period, most of the learning of the child takes place. Thus, it becomes imperative that proper care and guidance should be given to the child in these formative years since it has a bearing on their future adult life as well. The physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development of the child given in safe hands would always flourish well and can become a boon in the life of a child. Even parents have to be involved in this process in order for the child to gain the maximum benefits.

Significance of Early Childhood Education
Psychologists have proven that during the age range of one to eight years, the child is at the peak of learning curve and soaks on new things continuously. It is during this age that the child learns basic social skills, bonding with parents and others, language and vocabulary, and learning and developing new skills. The brains of babies are highly tuned to soak up various things and retain more information than adults can soak up. Even the language specialists agree that brains of the babies are highly active in acquiring new words and phrases, tones, rhythm and intonation. All the information gained, habits acquired, values accepted and the education given in this early stage determines the character of the person. It is thus important that children be given best of the education at this crucial stage so that they can develop as responsible individuals and their adult life gets influenced in the right manner. It is well observed that a seed if given proper conditions to flourish and watered regularly would grow up in a strong tree. In the same manner, a child if given proper nutrition, proper care and affection, and above all proper education in the right manner, would grow up into being a well rounded adult.

A good early childhood education program would involve parents at every stage of the learning process so that the child gets maximum benefit and learns in affinity with ones surrounded. It should place an emphasis on learning through play, in order to hold the full attention of the child at all time times without the child getting bored and keeping them interested in the activity all the time. The early childhood program must place equal importance on the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of the child so that a well rounded personality of the child could be developed. In general, the entire learning process should be fun for the child and not something forceful and imposed on the child. Thus, if proper care is taken for the early childhood education of the child, it will reap in benefits for both the child and the parents and ultimately help in building a
healthy, prosperous nation.

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