Taxation – A popular area in finance sector - dept of taxation, jobs in accounting, jobs and finance, online job courses.

If you are a graduate looking for a finance job in the corporate world, then taxation is one of the popular areas that can be explored. It offers rewarding career opportunities for professional advancement. Business organizations work in compliance with the laws and regulations of local, state and federal bodies.

As you are aware that it is important to submit or file the tax returns before the designated authorities before the deadlines set by them. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) then calculates the taxes to be paid by the organizations or individuals. Courses with major in taxation provide diverse career opportunities in the business world. Business firms are always looking for the professionals with great knowledge in taxation to manage the financial transactions properly.

A popular area in finance sector
There are so many career roles for the candidates who are interested in the taxation sector. Some of the career roles include tax accountants, tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents. The accounting and auditing section in an organization is managed by the tax accountants. Accountants keep track of all the business operations and analyze the investments, generated revenues and expenses to prepare the financial reports.

Tax deductions and tax returns are maintained accurately in compliance with the federal laws and regulations. One of the entry level roles is performed by the tax examiners. They need to fill the tax returns of individuals or small business firms. Reviewing and revising the tax return files, maintaining the information and all the clerical works are done by them. Then there are revenue agents who work with the federal agencies in collecting the tax returns and handle the complex issues with large corporate firms.

Tax collectors are also known as revenue officers and they work with the IRS in processing the tax returns paid by the citizens and organizations. They check the reports, calculate and collect overdue payments. Issuing notice to the tax payer and claiming their financial resources are their responsibility. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment opportunities of Tax accountants, Tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents are expected to increase by 7 percent from 2010 to 2020 and their median annual wages was $49,360 in May 2010.

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