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The world is getting more and more dependent on technology and there is practically no aspect of our life left where technology doesn’t play a part, be it business, entertainment or healthcare. Same can be said of the legal systems where technology upgradations have forced lawyers to go tech-savvy in order to enhance their service and produce better results for their clients. Since law firms deal with a lot of information, it is the first thing where technology has made an impact on the lawyers, that are the fields of information processing and storage. With the advent of more bandwidth and powerful personal computers, there is huge potential for securing and sending information by lawyers.

Technology and Outsourcing for Lawyers
The use of internet in communication has facilitated the task of information sharing between different branches of the same law firm and increasingly business is moving out of the boundaries of the state and country and getting internationalized. Not only this means increased coordination between employees of the different offices of the law firm, it means the firm entrenchment of the information technology in the fields of communication, collaboration and information interchange.

Legal firms are increasingly open to Legal Process Outsourcing for tasks such as research, transcription, coding and even legal research and the drafting of legal documents. This enables the legal firms to cut down costs and concentrate on core legal functions. This has led to further use of technology since the firm to which the work is outsourced may be located in an altogether different continent and thus it necessitates the monitoring of that firm and the interchange of instructions and information from the parent office to the outsourced firm. This is possible today as most of us have embraced the internet based technologies and thus such type of division of labor is possible.

Thus, be it the vast geographical spread of the law firms or the idea of outsourcing of the allied functions, technology is playing a huge part in the day to day operations of the law firms. Even the personal work of the lawyers is not insulated from technology, and even they are using technology to help them manage the loads of information they have to deal with and even communicating with their clients. Thus, as the role of technology is increasing in law, it is playing its part in making the work processes more efficient and up to date, holding its essence but still managing to adapt to the changing technological scenario. 

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