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Today the whole world is literally wired with computer networks. As computers have taken a place of prominence in almost all the daily aspects of our lives, there is a natural need for them to be connected for sharing resources and information. In present times, we see almost all the offices and corporations have a computer network installed in their offices. This has increased the productivity of the workers and production of work has also become more convenient. Thus corporations cannot afford their networks to be not working since it would affect their profit margins. Here comes the role of a network engineer. Network engineers are like plumbers of the digital world, connecting office computers with each other and the central server, hooking them to the internet, and configuring systems such as firewalls for their security.

What does being a network engineer mean?
The job of a network engineer is to maintain the hardware and software that consists of a computer network (wired or wireless). They are first employed to estimate the networking needs of a particular organization depending upon the type of work they do, the number of employees they have and the level of networking technology which would be needed by them. Once the need of the computer networks has been estimated and its type decided, network engineers then do the actual work of deploying and configuration of the computer networks. They have to design the computer network in such a fashion that it becomes convenient to use and increases the productivity and also the security of the networks have to be taken into consideration. They debug and troubleshoot the various problems affecting the network and ensure that the downtime of networks is reduced to bare minimum so that the operations of an organization are not affected.

Proper maintenance of the network and its constant supervision also come in the job responsibilities of a network engineer. They are involved in the procurement of new hardware and ensure that licenses are correctly used. Network engineers are involved in the updating of the software used and for the correct use of the network resources.Network engineers also interact with the various personnel that are using the network to ensure that they understand the system and procedures about how the network is to be used ,so that there is smooth functioning of work.

In order to become a computer engineer, you need to have a degree in computer science or information technology (IT). Also there are various certifications that are important for a network engineer to pass. They are based on the names of the companies that make the equipment or the software such as Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and Oracle. Cisco certifications are most numerous, broad based and most important. Amongst all of the Cisco certifications, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is the expert level certification, and is held by fewer than three network engineers in a hundred.

Be prepared to work in shifts that start from the evening as various organizations want their networks to be serviced after the working hours so that work is not disrupted. Hence, if you have a love for computers and are fascinated by computer networking field, there are enough tools, degrees and certifications available to turn your passion into a lucrative career. Network engineers are a lifeline and backbone of the entire computer network realm and it is due to them that we can use and transfer various services through voice, video and internet.


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