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An organization will have many hierarchical levels depending on its industrial nature and the business goals. The need of effective business communication holds its importance with the extending management levels.

Communication not only means the transference of information from one individual to another. The transmitted data should be clear and well understood by the receiver. There are mainly five stages in a business communication which includes sender, recipients, message, medium and the feedback. The senders may be the managerial people such as supervisors, managers, team leaders etc. They have to transmit information to their subordinates which would be their team members, department staffs etc. Information that is be passed to the recipients is termed as the message and it can be any form. Transmission of message requires a medium and this plays an important role. It can be written or verbal communication methods. Written communication methods comprise reports, emails, fax, circulars, presentations etc. whereas verbal communication means addressing the employees through meetings, group discussions etc. Feedbacks from the recipients will confirm that the message is transmitted successfully.

Effective Business Communications
There are mainly two types of business communication, internal communications and external communications. Interaction skills are a daily portion of the organization and their efficient use can increase the feasibility of attaining fulfillment. Internal business communications play vital role in motivating the work force towards the goals. Quality of relationships between the higher level authorities and the sub ordinates improve through effective communication strategies. Working environment will become friendlier
through socializing communications.

As the competition in the business world is turning tough, each and every business setup is focusing more on the customer satisfaction. External business communications play it's role here by providing assistance to the customer complaints and queries through diverse marketing strategies, public relations and media relations.

Effectual communication acts as the fundamental part of an organization to perform the managerial functions in a successful manner. Individuals with great communication and interpersonal skills can consider a degree option in business communication that may help the grads to find a career in the corporate world.


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