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Remember the “Super Mario” who was travelling through many dangerous situations to rescue the princess. It was one of the best video games that won the hearts of kids and parents. During those days applying animation works were really a stressful task. Cartoons used in the games were made of numerous animated cells and then it was placed over the static background. 3D design and animation effects replaced that stressful task making it seem like 2D animations got vanished from the technological world. Since world always runs behind the latest technological innovations and ideas, 3D design has risen from being flashy by adding an extra dimension to the animation industry. Web designing, Film industry, Media, Advertising and several electronic publications demand the service of 3D design professionals.

3D- Design
Online gaming, the booming industry in the technological world is using the most advanced technologies in the 3D design and animation. The warfare between the games of different platforms is made possible with the application of 3D design principles and animation effects. Virtual world of animated characters is developed by a team of designers and developers with the effective use of texts, pictures and graphics. 

Recent blockbuster games like angry birds that can be even accessible at a finger touch have been revolutionizing the virtual world. Scenes and characters in the games appear to be this realistic only because of the perfection in the piece of arts.

There are mainly two types of animation that can be created through the 3D applications, which are keyframe animation and motion capture. Keyframe animation is considered as the most traditional way in which the frames of a story board are developed. Starting time and ending times are set in this method. Motion capture is the widely used in the entertainment industry where movements of objects are recorded. 3D positioning of images or objects will be decided by the animator in this application. A 3D designer or illustrator must have a penchant for creativity and the talent to express new creative ideas in an appealing way. This is a different world where only creativity and talent matters.

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