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If you are stressed or annoyed, have you ever turned on the music? Most of the human beings will agree with the fact that music has the power to heal the mind and soul. Not only music, diverse forms of fine arts and performing arts can bring magical effects on living organisms. Art therapy can be defined as a fusion of arts and psychotherapy, which found its place as a therapeutic discipline around mid 20th century. 

Psychiatrists and other mental health counselors observed that most of the patients with mental illness were interested in doing art works. Even scientific researches proved that arts can help in the mental and physical development of an individual. So the healthcare professionals and honchos realized the importance of art therapy and began to include those programs in the treatments.

Art therapy
The American Art Therapy Association was founded in 1969, which establishes the standards for art therapy education and also encourages its services in the society. Nowadays, art therapy is widely used in the fields such as psychiatry, psychology, counseling, education and arts. According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is defined as the ‘therapeutic use of art making, within a professional relationship, by people who experience illness, trauma, or challenges in living, and by people who seek personal development. Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.’ Art therapists allow the patients to express their thoughts and feelings through their interested art form. It will increase the self awareness of the patients and thereby brings happiness in their minds. It is proven by scientists that, while creating a painting or hearing music, the cerebral abilities of person is improved.
If you are interested in healing the mental illness of people and help others in their personal development, then art therapy will be a right career option. It is an effective treatment that has no age limits. From the kids to the elderly person, every human being can be served by the art therapy. Master’s level of education in art therapy is required to begin your career in this field. Be a part of a profession that can heal the pain of human minds through the pleasure of making arts.

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