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We have seen various comic books proliferating in the market. As children we all have indulged in comic books. But have you ever wondered how these comic books are created? Let us dwell into the complex world of creating a comic book. As happens with every book, first an idea is to be created and discussed by the comic book writer. Once the story has been finalized, the individual dialogues are written so as to ensure that the words used are simple and minimum, so that children and young people can understand. Once the characters are created, storyline is developed and plots are discussed, the job of the comic book illustrator starts.

Creating a comic book
A comic book illustrator’s job is most crucial as they have to depict the scene in a most interesting fashion and keep the readers riveted to the comic books. ‘A picture depicts a thousand words’ is the principle used by the comic book illustrator to depict the various scenes and characters. First, a rough sketch is made and after completing a series of rough sketches, the final draft for a particular scene is produced. These drawings are pencil drawings and are sent to the editor for approval. An editor may make changes in the narrative, or may suggest changes in the pictures or dialogue balloons depending on the situation and thus ensures that the pictures match the dialogues, narrative and pictures. Now comes the vital role of the inker.
 The inker is responsible for inducting life into the pencil drawings by filling colors, shades, shadows, separating foreground from background, adding special effects to the images, etc. all this makes the comic book as what we see it and thus makes it attractive for the readers. The final results will show the pictures as they should be in the form of their own distinctive style, unique fonts in the dialogue balloons and every detail comes alive in the comic’s imagery. Nowadays, computers are used to create variety of special effects on the images and to store and retrieve the images for future editions of the same comic book.  Then a proof copy of the final finished product is printed and sent for approval. After the final approval is granted, several thousand copies are printed at one go as per the demand and we get to see the final product at the bookshop nearby.
Comic books have made an enormous impact on our popular culture. Various comic book characters such as Spiderman, Superman, GI Joe, Transformers, X-men, etc. have jumped from the comic book strips to the movie screens. The world of comic books is extremely delightful and one that inculcates color, sense of purpose and a mission to both the creator as well as the reader. By giving you a glimpse of the making of a comic book, we hope you will appreciate the labor which is required to produce them and  get these comic books in the  market.

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