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OVERVIEW : Architectural engineers are responsible of designing various service elements which are very important to any building structure. They are also responsible in transforming the vision and design of an architect into reality by implementing the drawings prepared by an architect on the actual site of construction. Architectural engineers serve as an interface between the architects and various other important team members of a construction team and help in the proper implementation of the design of the architect. Architectural engineering involves study of subjects like fundamentals of engineering, building construction, structures, mathematics, physical sciences, surveying, computer programming and as well as architectural history and design.

Architectural Engineering
JOB DESCRIPTION : Architects design buildings and architectural engineers design and implement the various building systems which are very important for the functionality of a building. These systems include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire fighting, electric and water supply and sewerage systems. These are the life line of any building and without them, the building would not be a functional building and hence not livable. Architectural engineers apply the principles of engineering to a particular building or structure and make the planning, functionality and design of a building implemented on the construction site. 

Architectural engineering often involves interaction and deriving elements from other branches of engineering such as civil and mechanical engineering. One other important task that architectural engineers perform is the viability of the structural integrity of a building. Here also, this function overlaps with a specific branch of engineering itself, namely structural engineering. However, while structural engineers may be involved in the design of various structural elements of a building and an occasional site visit, the architectural/constructional engineers implement the structural layout or design on the construction site. Architectural engineers may also be involved with acoustics and lighting planning of a building. Architectural/constructional engineering may also be involved with making the design of a building sustainable and making it energy efficient. They also study construction technology so that they can implement the design of an architect in a better and more efficient manner.

JOB OUTLOOK : There are very few architectural engineering programs offered in United States and hence the students have fairly good prospects in the job market after completing their studies. Architectural/constructional engineering course is of four to five years duration after which students may find good job prospects in a particular specialized field.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associates  - Bachelor's  - Master's  - Doctorate/PhD  - Certificate 

$74,000 according to various industry sources.

EXPECTED JOB GROWTH : According to the Engineering Workforce Commission of the American Association of Engineering Societies "Engineers' Salaries: Special Industry Report," the median annual salary of an architectural engineer with 9-10 years of experience may be $74,000. Architectural engineers work in the construction industry companies and some of them may be self employed.

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