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Avionics are the electronic systems included on an aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft. Avionics is the amalgamation of the words aviation electronics. Avionics include the communication systems, navigation systems, the display and management of multiple systems and the hundreds of systems that are fitted on an aircraft to perform a specific function. These functions can be as simple as a searchlight for a police helicopter or the tactical systems of an early airborne warning platform. 
Avionics has implications in both civilian and military aircraft since avionics has got different roles to play in different capacities. In case of civilian airplanes, avionics is used by the aircrafts to fly safely in the busy airspace and as the air traffic is increasing, consequently the avionics for getting the air planes flying safe in the sky is also getting complex. In military aircrafts and fighter jets, avionics is used in the radar technology to counter the enemy aircraft and to foresee the number and type of enemy aircrafts coming. Avionics is also used in the missile technology guidance and control systems so that they hit right on target with pinpoint accuracy.

The cockpit of an aircraft is the typical place where avionics equipment is located including control, monitoring, navigation, weather and anti-collision systems. Different avionics equipment in both civilian and military aircraft guide the airplane or the fighter jet in navigation through the sky, the command and control systems of the missiles, the radar technology and the sonar technology, all are dependent on the avionics of the aircraft to make them functional. Thus, avionics constitute a major part of the expense in building an airplane and most of the systems of the airplane are dependent on the avionics for them to function properly.

Avionics mainly deals where ever the electronics in aircrafts are concerned and should detect and develop solutions for the complex electronic problems. The diverse career opportunities include avionics technician, aerospace engineer and electrical engineer also assures applications outside the aerospace industry. The job responsibilities of an avionics technician include operating ground support and interpreting the test data to diagnose malfunctions and systematic performance problems. The electrical and electronic units, assemblies and systems in aircraft are installed and the components are assembled to perform functional flight tests. Collision avoidance system is the most recent innovation in the aviation field by which the nearby planes can be detected. Avionic technicians and engineers have to work with the computerized controls and other tools such as radio systems, magnetos and in-flight refueling systems.

Thus, avionics is an interesting and very important part of any flying machine and has diverse career opportunities. Making one’s career in the avionics field would make one’s aspirations sore in the sky and fly high with all the opportunities abound.

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