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OVERVIEW : Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering professions. Since time immemorial humans have been building for utility, luxury and for self expression. Civil engineering professionals are the ones who give concrete shape to the building plans. They are involved in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, power plants, buildings, dams, canals, bridges, industrial structures and various other infrastructures which we see around us in present times. Civil engineers have to build structures that are economical, safe from environmental hazards such as floods and earthquakes and which are environmental friendly too. Civil engineering consists of many specialties such as structural, water resources, construction, transportation, geotechnical engineering etc. 

Civil Engineering
JOB DESCRIPTIONCivil engineering profession deals with building of infrastructure that we see around us like skyscrapers, roads, sewers, dams, power plants, etc. They are involved in the estimation of quantities of various building materials required for construction and for the general management of the construction sites. They are also involved in the project cost estimation and managing other budget resources. Civil engineering consists of various sub disciplines which are suited to various roles and responsibilities in this field. They include geotechnical engineering which is concerned with the rock and soil that civil engineering systems are supported by. Construction engineering involves planning and execution of the designs from transportation, site development, hydraulic, environmental, structural and geotechnical engineers. Earthquake engineering is concerned with the safe design of various types of structures to withstand the earthquakes of various magnitudes. Thus, civil engineering is a vast and a diverse field which becomes interesting and a rewarding career choice. 

JOB OUTLOOK : According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineers have a favorable job outlook and the employment is going to rise 19 percent in the coming decade. Civil engineers have possibilities in working in diverse fields and since the population is increasing, so is the need for better infrastructure.

DEGREES OFFEREDAssociates  -Bachelor's  -Master's  -Doctorate/PhD  -Certificate

SALARY Type of Industry                                                        Salary

                    Federal Government                                                    $89,450

                    Local Government                                                       $80,250

                    Architectural, engineering, and related services           $76,620

                    Non residential building construction                            $76,120

                    State Government                                                       $74,300


EXPECTED JOB GROWTH : According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Civil engineers are expected to have employment growth of 19 percent over the present decade, much faster than the average for all occupations. Spurred by general population growth and the related need to improve the Nation's infrastructure, more civil engineers will be needed to design and construct or expand transportation, water supply, and pollution control systems, and buildings and building complexes. The median annual salary of a civil engineer in May 2010 was $77,560.


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