Don Wettrick is Hacking Innovation - EP 51

In Episode 51, Hack Learning creator Mark Barnes recruits guru Don Wettrick to Hack Innovation. Wettrick is a high school teacher in Indiana, popular education presenter and author of Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level. His Innovation Class has grown into an amazing place, rife with students who are creating new programs that have caught the eye of the private sector. Don shares several fascinating stories about Innovation Class, focusing on students who have, among other things, worked on reservations bringing innovation to native Americans and have created theater groups for shy kids and students with disabilities. One of the humblest teachers you'll ever meet, Don also explains a revelation about Innovation Class that a student provided, right after she told him one of his ideas was "about the dumbest thing" she'd ever heard. Instead of being angry, Don said, "Why's that?" Then, he had an epiphany about his Innovation Class. This is Hacking Innovation; learn more at

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