How to Make Kids Love Math with Gerald Aungst- EP 53

Gerald Aungst, author of 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom: Creating a Culture of Innovative Thinking, knows how to turn math haters into math lovers. In Episode 53 of the Hack Learning Podcast Aungst explains how he learned to inspire inquiry and conjecture in kids by creating unique situations where "something doesn't make sense or is not immediately obvious." Math teachers inspire curiosity in students by immersing them in a problem, Aungst says. Rather than handing them the correct formula and a worksheet, the teacher's job is to ask questions the lead to collaboration and conjecture. Questions like: "What can you figure out? What can you notice here?" When this strategy is employed, students often solve the problem with little or no teacher intervention, according to the author, and then even math haters begin to love math. Learn how to make kids love math from author/expert Gerald Aungst. For details and a link to Aungst' book, visit the show notes at

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